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Worlds Collide: The Lost Heroes

Game concept
Worlds collide will be an online co-op adventure, loot driven first person shooter. Maps are central in this game. Every map has his own story but are connected in some way to each other. Al maps will have an unique theme with their own dedicated enemies and loot table.
The game consist various game play elements. You have to overcome different adventure obstacles with speed, precision and knowledge. Some maps will be more about solving puzzles and find out about secret passages. Every map will be balanced with obstacles and monster. Some maps can contain more obstacles and with other maps its more about killing monsters. All maps have a begin-zone (spawn) and an end-zone (finish).
The main objective for your team is reaching an amount of credits(points) decide by the level difficulty. Every map has different possibilities to earn credits. The player can decide how to earn credits based on the player skills and desires to play the map.

Reward system
Every map will reward you with credits, loot(items) and experience. You need experience and credits to buy better equipment like guns and armor. With the items from the loot you can customize and improve your equipment.
You will be rewarded by killing monsters, finding secret rooms and reaching the end-zone. The rarity and quantity of the loot table for the end-zone is based on how fast you can reach the end-zone from start to finish. Harder and unique enemies will also reward you with more interesting items.
Beside permanent loot you can also obtain upgrade potions that increase certain stats of the player. With these potions you can significantly increase the power or even luck of the player and are required to defeat bosses or ancient enemies. These bonuses disappear when leaving the game.

Bonus mode
When your team reaches the target amount of credits a special end-mode will be available for your team. In this mode you have to defend the core of the map and survive as long as possible. The longer you survive, the stronger the enemy attackers will become. This survival mode has a significantly increase bonus in experience the more waves of enemies your survive and can reward the player with some real special items.