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The good and bad things about Blizzard

Video game developer en publisher Blizzard Entertainment has made some huge impact on the game industry. They created important game franchises like Diablo, WarCraft and StarCraft. One of Blizzard most powerful abilities was how they combined creativity with astonishing quality. Next to that they had a very healthy attitude towards the gaming community.

Let’s talk about Blizzards game that has the biggest influence on the game industry today. Which is Warcraft III and not World of Warcraft what people might expect. Warcraft 3 was a fun and innovative strategy game and was introducing heroes and loot to the RTS genre. The actually factor that made the biggest impact on the industry was the level editor that came along with the game. Because Blizzard offered this editor to the gaming community, millions of creative game concepts where showing up on


One of the biggest examples was the original DOTA (defense of the ancients) which was a game concept created by gamers in the Warcraft III level Editor. One of the most popular online games today League of legends is basically inspired (or copied) by this concept. Many more games to come will be evolving versions of these mini-games created in the warcraft III level editor.


From creative game developers they turned into a very smart and crazy profitable business company. With world of warcraft they used very efficient marketing techniques to get a huge amount of potential players. They could asked a subscription fee amount that was way beyond what they actually needed.

Because Diablo 1&2 and again great marketing, Diablo 3 sold over 10 million copies. They offered an action-house so people could trade gold and items with each other for real money. Again from a business perspective this idea just hit the jackpot. The only problem was to make as much money with this action-house they needed to changed certain aspects of the game.


When real money gets involved you basically create a beacon for the most immoral people (Botters , hackers, cheaters, trolls etc) on this planet. So a lot of focus of the development went to security and safety of the game. However they started a battle against a greater majority, a battle they could not win.

The biggest flaw in the game for me was not the action-house itself but the way they design towards a working action-house. They changed the direction of loot and drop chances so people where kind off forced to use the action house. After 6 months the developers started to “realize” that legendary items suppose to be better. If legendary items would be as powerful from the beginning they would never made so many profit on rare items.

World of Warcraft and Diablo3 are Blizzards biggest successes if you look from it from a business perspective. However gamers are starting to realize that Blizzard is in for it for the money. Even when they still deliver great quality they are getting bad user reviews.

Solution: Blizzard need to start caring about the game industry again and less about making huge profits. There next huge game should be a free to play game with the focus on user generated content. Give us an accessible and user friendly editor again and let the gamers do the rest of the work.