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Lightning returns beginners guide: Guard defense, Launch & Smite abilities

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns is the final chapter of the nova crystallis saga. We can all agree that this game is very different compared to the first two games and even to any other final fantasy game. Lightning Returns introduces a total new battle system. The combat mechanics are hard to master and require […]

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Path of Exile beginners guide: Currency orbs values and item quantity

When you start playing Path of Exile you will notice there is no gold in this game. In POE you can find currency orbs that are used for item crafting, enchanting and trading equipment and items. These orbs are not bound to certain arena’s or level requirements so it’s possible to find any kind of […]

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Tera online beginners guide: How to get gold without farming

If you just started playing tera online there is a really easy way to get a lots of gold. When you start questing there is a really important quest that gives you the item: Volunteer Supply Crate. The quest is called “Making the Rounds” and is given by NPC law on the island of dawn. […]

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