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Path of Exile beginners guide: Currency orbs values and item quantity

When you start playing Path of Exile you will notice there is no gold in this game. In POE you can find currency orbs that are used for item crafting, enchanting and trading equipment and items.

These orbs are not bound to certain arena’s or level requirements so it’s possible to find any kind of orb when you start playing. All orbs have certain drop rates witch determine the value of these orbs. So if you are lucky, you will find the orb with the highest value (Exalted Orb) in the very first hour you start playing this game. The problem is when you start playing this game, you don’t know any drop rates or value of these orbs, so it’s easy to waste some pretty unique orbs which are really useful in a later state of the game.

The best thing you can do is collecting and stacking as many orbs and not trying them out on gear you find in the first 10 hours of the game. When the game is getting harder and you are desperately looking for new gear it’s time to start crafting and enchanting.

On this page you can checkout the list of all the orbs in the game and there is a lot more specific information about currency orbs and recipes to create special orbs on the wiki page. Because the game is still in beta, it’s possible some values of currency orbs will change in the future.

When you start farming currency orbs the Item Rarity factor will not have any effect of the drop chance, quality and value of an orb. However the Item Quantity factor will help you a lot in finding more orbs and therefor also higher quality orbs.

Values of orbs compared to an Chaos Orb

Orb of Transmutation -120- 1 Chaos
Orb of Augmentation -60- 1 Chaos
Orb of Alteration -14- 1 Chaos
Chromatic Orb -14- 1 Chaos
Orb of chance -7- 1 Chaos
Jeweler’s Orb -7- 1 Chaos
Orb of Fusing -2- 1 Chaos
Orb of Alchemy -2- 1 Chaos
Orb of Scouring -2- 1 Chaos
Orb of Regret -1- 1 Chaos
Regal Orb -1- 2 Chaos
Gem cutter’s Prism -1- 3 Chaos
Blessed Orb -1- 3 Chaos
Eternal Orbs -1- 10 Chaos
Divine Orb -1- 12 Chaos
Exalted Orb -1- 24 Chaos
Mirror of Kalandra -1- 180 Chaos