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Lost Planet 3 no Co-Op mode: A single player campaign with Jim Peyton

Capcom will release Lost Planet 3 next month without a co-op (co-operative) campaign mode. A pretty big mistake if you ask me. Its predecessor Lost Planet 2 was fun and amazing because of the very well designed Co-op campaign mode. For me it was one of the most fun multiplayer game experiences I had on the playstation 3 console.

Lost Planet 3 will be a prequel and take us back to the frozen wasteland of the first Lost Planet. The game will be more story focused and introduces the new main character Jim Peyton, a rig pilot who leaves Earth to take on contract on E.D.N. Next to a story mode the game will support multiplayer modes similar to the non-campaign multiplayer modes from Lost planet 2.

It’s a shame Capcom underestimate how important Co-op is to this franchise. For some reason Capcom and the game developers are listening to the wrong side of people. It seems like Capcom will strike out again, after the terrible rebooted Devil may cry (DMC5) and mediocre Resident evil 6. Capcom used to be one of the greatest game publisher out there. Its time they get their act together and start thinking what players really want in games these days.

Lost Planet 3 will be release on 30 august 2013

And on a side note: The cinematic trailer is pretty sweet